Youth Racing at Knockburn Loch. Photo: Colin Calder

Youth Racing at Knockburn Loch. Photo: Colin Calder

Age Categories 2018-19

Youth Categories Explained

(adapted From a Facebook Posting by Diane Clayton Chisholm)

Hopefully I'm going to demystify age categories for some of you. It's something we get asked loads as it is genuinely really confusing. Its based on the year of birth.


For road events (criteriums and time trials are on tarmac thus classed as road events) the "season" ends in about October, traditionally with hill climbs in the calendar. So for road categories its easy, the categories are decided using rider age on 1st January of the year of the race.


The CX season traditionally runs over the winter months (Sep - Feb),  so CX uses a different system in order that riders with birthdays in the second half of the season (e.g. January or February) don't change age category.

The racing age for CX used is the age on January 1st  in the middle of the season, so for the 2018-19 Season, racing age is decided using age on Jan 2019. This change in calculating age categories occurs for CX races after 1st Sept.

FROM JAN 1st 2018 TO FEB 28th 2019,  CX racing age is age on JAN 1st 2019

Youth E or U8s = Born in 2011 or later
Youth D or U10s = Born in 2009 or 2010
Youth C or U12s = Born in 2007 or 2008
Youth B or U14s = Born in 2006 or 2005
Youth A or U16s = Born in 2004 or 2003

(As per BC regulations)

Note - Not all CX races will recognise individual age categories, some only do U12s and U16s, some add in a U10's race. This is discretionary on the part of the organisers.