Constitution of the Scottish Cyclocross Association

  1. Name: Scottish Cyclocross Association

  2. Objectives
    a. To encourage more people to race cyclocross in Scotland
    b. Raise the profile of cyclocross
    c. Improve conditions for cyclocross
    d. Encourage youth participation
    e. Promote cycling events either alone or jointly

  3. Work towards establishing the Scottish Cyclocross Association as the first contact for cyclocross in Scotland.

  4. The Association is run on an equal opportunities basis and is open to anyone interested in cyclocross. It is open to individuals, clubs and businesses.

  5. The Scottish Cyclocross Association shall be governed by a committee comprising of 5 members who shall be appointed by all members attending the AGM.

  6. The committee shall comprise of the following officers:
    a. Chair (Casting Vote)
    b. Secretary
    c. Treasurer
    d. Coach
    e. Welfare Officer [1]

  7. Members of the committee shall be elected for a period of one year at the AGM. Candidates may nominate themselves. In the event of more than one person being proposed a ballot will be held.

  8. The Association’s year shall run from April to March

  9. A two-thirds majority can amend the constitution at a properly convened General Meeting.

  10. An Annual General Meeting will be held in February every year. All members may attend and vote on decisions and elect a new committee.

  11. On dissolution of the Association any remaining monies shall be distributed to any group/s, which are furthering the objectives in 2.

  12. Funds may be raised to assist in the objectives of the association provided that the Association does not undertake full time trading.

  1. As SCX is run as an Association and has no membership, we await clarification from Scottish Cycling as to whether we need a Welfare Officer position.  ↩