Interview, 1x10Gordon Watt

1x10 Interview - Andrew Bell

Interview, 1x10Gordon Watt
1x10 Interview - Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell in full flight - Beveridge Park GP of CX 2015. Photo: Nicola Johnson

Can you introduce yourself and let our readers know a little bit about you?
I’m Andrew Bell and I ride for Here Come The Belgians. I’m a gardener + flag collector and the only non-Belgian member of the Rob Peeters fan club. If not racing I am most likely to be seen with a mug of tea in one hand and a bit of cake in the other. My heroes are Lenin, Kate Bush and John Peel.

How long have you been involved with cyclocross?
Since 2009 as a rider. 2007 as a spectator.

What got you involved with cyclocross in the first place?
I first went along to races to cheer on some friends from Dunfermline CC. They kept on encouraging me to give it a go and the rest is muddy history.

Can you remember the first CX race you went to, and how did it go?
My first race was the B race at the Scottish Champs held at Glenrothes in 2009. I did it on my mountain bike and suffered like a dog ( nothing ever changes there then… ). I loved it immediately, therefore I sold my mtb and bought a second-hand cross bike.

What's the craziest thing you have seen at a cyclocross race?
The craziest thing has to be Brendan Roe’s dog Charlie - he’s mad as a hatter!

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done at a race, on or off the bike?
Last year’s Champs at Knockburn, overcooked the very last corner which allowed glory-hunting Jon “the legend” McComisky to nip past me on the line. I felt like retiring!!! The only other embarrassing thing is my technical skills - they stink worse than my cx boots…

Do you have a favourite course, either to ride, or to spectate?
The Sunday course at Mull is fantastic, but that's usually because there are pixies, elves and santas everywhere!!!

Are there any riders you particularly admire?
Each and every one - usually as they fly past me on a course. If I have to name one then the nicest man in CX has to get a mention - Mr Davie Lines is a class act both on and off the bike.

Any particular highlights from last season?
Seeing Jammy at Dig In looking happy and well.

Finally, what are you looking forward to most this season?
Just pinning a number on and getting to talk to many many great people in various car parks throughout the country. I am also looking forward to giving JMC a pumping at Irvine #crosslovemyarse