Cyclocross Today does 1x10 for SCX!

Cyclocross Today does 1x10 for SCX!

Gordon Watt

In the last couple of years it seems there’s been an explosion of cyclocross media coverage across print, video and audio. When I started racing I’d load up on podcasts for the journey south at weekends. Back then there were very few shows which didn’t focus on top-level road racing, so when I discovered the Bike Shop Show I was hooked.

Bike Shop Show is an American podcast presented by Scott Dedenbach, with regular co-presenter Mr David Palan and featuring guests from all around the bike world. Alongside tech tips (often CX relevant, including fitting and adjusting Shorty Ultimates and a 3 part review of the academic literature on tubular glue!) there would often be race results and interviews with CX riders. As time went on the CX content increased until Scott split the Bike Shop Show off and started the Cyclocross Today podcast, as part of a bigger project, the Cyclocross Network.

Despite being based in the US, the Cyclocross Today show has a broad focus. There are regular reports from Australia alongside a weekly round up of Euro racing in a segment called “They Don’t Do That in Europe”, featuring Bill Schieken, creator of the awesome Svenness and Like a Vos videos, the weekly Crosshairs Radio, author of Skills, Drills and Bellyaches and the man behind In the Crosshairs. Phew.

The enthusiasm that Scott, David and Bill bring to cyclocross is inspiring. They’ve been outpsoken proponents of equal payouts for women and they support a team (Cyclocross Network Racing) as well as producing top quality content for fans. So while I thought they’d make excellent inaugural international interviewees, with CX season now in full swing I wasn’t sure if they’d manage to fit us in. Of course, with the stoke these guys have for Cross I shouldn’t have doubted. Scott got back to me keen to do it straight away, and even offered to do it on Cyclocross Today as an audio segment.

So here it is - Cyclocross Today does 1x10 for SCX

I just want to say a huge thanks to Scott, David and Bill for this - if you want to show your appreciation, do these guys a favour and head over to iTunes and leave a review on the show - Cyclocross Today. While you’re at it, you can check out their other shows at the Cyclocross Network.