Interview, 1x10Gordon Watt

1x10: Franco Porco

Interview, 1x10Gordon Watt
1x10: Franco Porco
Franco Porco - RGCX 2016. Photo: G Watt

Franco Porco - RGCX 2016. Photo: G Watt

1. Can you introduce yourself and let our readers know a little bit about you?
My name is Franco Porco, and I ride for Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique and have done for the past 4 years. I’ve also run my own heating business for the past 16 years.

2. How long have you been involved in Cyclocross?
6 years - I also organise the Callander Park CX with Davie Lines.

3. What got you into the sport in the first place?
I started off mountain biking around 1992/93 and did that for a few years, then I got a road bike for training - ended up packing in the MTB for the road! I rode for Falkirk BC on the road until 1999 then I stopped once my daughter Francesca came along - I also started the business that year. After a 6 year break I started riding again which was a shock to the system - you don’t realise how fit you were until you start again.

4. Can you remember the first CX race you went to, and how did it go?
It was Plean Country Park and it went pretty well I think, top 20 in the open race, our was it a mass start? Can`t remember…

5. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a cross race?
Can’t say I’ve seen many, but there was a video doing the rounds of a race in Yorkshire from around the 1960s with guys flinging themselves down hills, over walls and across rivers - MENTAL. And Sven Nys getting off his bike to a spectator during a race.

6. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done at a race, on or off the bike?
Over the Bars into the Tosh! It was the year the Scottish Champs were at Auchentoshan - I was on for a medal and finished up 4th, really pissed off.

7. Do you have a favourite course, either to ride, or to spectate?
Callander Park has it all I reckon. Irvine is good but I never seem to go well there. I also like Durham for the CXNE league and National Trophy. There are so many now.

8. Are there any riders you particularly admire?
Sven Nys is the top man I reckon. Scottish rider would be Grant Ferguson - he is top drawer and will be British Champ one day, I`ll put my house on that...

9. Any particular highlights from this season?
Not really - I was going well at Lochore Meadows before a mechanical and I flung all my toys out the pram. I redeemed the day by riding the Seniors and finished 8th. I was really happy with my race at Callander Park (4th) - it was a full on day and still did a great ride, and I also got 10th in a round of the CXNE at Durham.

10. Finally, what are you looking forward to in the last few races of the season?
I did my 5th British champs this year and was hoping for a top 20, but when you start so far down the grid (8th row) you never make the front. I ended up 42nd, (14th 45–49 age group - that sounds better!). After the Champs, 4 races including the big one, DIATD, always a highlight of the Scottish calendar.