SCX Series Prizewinners 2016

SCX Series Prizewinners 2016

This year, we will be giving out the Raleigh SCX Series Prizes at the AGM in Glasgow on Saturday 11th March. Prizes and the prizelist is included below. We are just waiting for final confirmation of prizes from Raleigh UK.


The trophies which have been returned to SCX, and engraved, and which will be awarded at the AGM Prizegiving are as follows:

U14F Trophy - Eilidh Shaw

U16M Trophy - Charlie Aldridge

JUN M - Andy Cathcart Trophy - Cameron Mason

JUN F - Jenn Hill Trophy - Megan Wilkinson

SEN M - Isobel Hogg Shield - Harry Johnston

V40M - David Graham Cup - Gary McCrae

VF - Nan Wallace Shield - Brenda Callendar

Non Returned Trophies

The following trophies have not been returned to SCX, and so we have not been able to get them to the engravers. These need to be returned to SCX ASAP, so that we can get them to the rightful holders. Unfortunately, we cannot present these at the AGM. A list of who we think have these trophies is at the bottom of this post.

U14M Trophy* - Corran Carrick-Anderson

U16F** - Anna McGorum

SEN F Trophy*** - Isla Short

2015 Series Winners who have not returned trophies for engraving.

*Jamie Johnston
**Ishbel Strathdee
***Kerry McPhee

Series with No Trophies

There is also one Series winner for which it appears there has historically been no trophy awarded

V50M - Michael Nally


In addition to the trophies, Raleigh are providing Series prizes for all winners in the U14, U16, Junior and Senior Categories.


Fraser Waters at The Happy Cog will be providing prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Junior M and Junior W Series races.