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Dirt School launch new Cyclocross Essentials course

ClinicGordon Watt
Dirt School launch new Cyclocross Essentials course

Dirt School are pleased to launch a brand new cyclocross skills course for novice and intermediate riders. Cyclocross Essentials covers all of the fundamental skills needed to ride and race Cyclocross. This half day course is specifically tailored for novice to intermediate riders who would like to improve their confidence and their skill level. Dirt School have also tweaked the sessions to accomodate larger group sizes.

What does this course cover? 

During the session riders will learn the core, simple skills that even the professionals rely on everyday, including:

  • How to stand properly on the bike allowing you to increase your speed without losing balance or control. 
  • How to move your body on the bike to deal with sharp bumps and simple features. 
  • Typical corners you'll find in a cyclocross event including tight switchbacks and fast corners.
  • How to get up and down steep bankings as well as riding off camber sections. 
  • How to perform smooth dismounts and remounts without a 'stutter step'. 
  • The best way to tackle cyclocross hurdles. 
  • How and when to shoulder your bike
  • How to ride mud.
  • How to pace your efforts

All of the courses will be run by full time coach Rab Wardell. Rab has worked with riders of all abilities, from novice to professionals over the last 11 years. He is also an accomplished muli-discipline racer as well, and has competed all over the world as a professional ,including racing Cyclocross in its Belgian heartland.

Find out more

For all of the details or to book online please follow this link. Dirt School are also available for Private Sessions for individuals and clubs. If you have any questions you can email Rab on