Lapierre SCX 2017 - Revised Series Schedule and October Preview.

Lapierre SCX 2017 - Revised Series Schedule and October Preview.

With only a couple of days to go until the first race of the Lapierre SCX 2017 Series, garages and bike sheds throughout Scotland are full of the smell of tubular glue, and fear. Right now, rollers are being pulled out from behind lawnmowers, bottle cages whipped off commuters and the boys and girls of Albannach are dutifully coating their pristine Challenge gumwalls with urethane sealant…

đź“· A. Robson

The Series kicks off with Lapierre SCX1 Callendar Park on Sunday Oct 1st. Will the early season showings from last years hitters at Bute and Squirrel Cross translate into Series results, or might roadies and XC riders carrying late season form into the stacked October CX schedule cause a few upsets?

Lapierre SCX2 - Irvine Beach Park moves to an earlier slot this year (Oct 8th), but early indications are that this may not translate into file tread and ice cream conditions. With the long-range Atlantic weather charts showing a hurricane logjam, both Callendar Park and Irvine could cop some true CX weather this year.

One race that certainly didn’t fall short on delivering CX conditions last season was Lapierre SCX3 Fife College. Moving slightly earlier in the season this year, this relatively new race has truly established itself as a fixture on the calendar, serving up some of the most challenging features (and conditions) of last year’s Series.

Looking ahead past October, Guto Williams and his gang have been working hard behind the scenes to reschedule Lapierre SCX4 Strathclyde Park after the event was cancelled earlier this month. The race is now scheduled for February 4th 2018, meaning that for the first time the SCX Series will have a scheduled race past the Christmas break.

The success of the Super Quaich Series has shown that there is a definitely an appetite for racing in January and February, so we hope that the legendary crowds of racers that Strathclyde Park attracts will continue to support the race in this new (and temporary) late slot in the calendar.

SCX appreciate that many riders will have organised their training and competitive goals around the normal Series schedule. To accommodate this, as well as folk planning to travel to Valkenburg for the UCI CX World Championships, and to ensure that and riders who want to focus on the Super Quaich after Christmas are not adversely affected by the rescheduling, the SCX Series for 2017–18 will be decided by the best 4 out of 6 results.

The revised Lapierre SCX 2017 Race Schedule is now as follows:

Oct 1st: Lapierre SCX1 - Callendar Park
Oct 8th: Lapierre SCX2 - Irvine Beach Park
Oct 22nd: Lapierre SCX3 - Fife College
Nov 19th: Lapierre SCX5 - Lochore Meadows
Dec 3rd: Scottish CX Champs (non-series)
Dec 9th: Lapierre SCX6 - Cross at the Castle
Feb 4th: Lapierre SCX4 (Rescheduled) - Strathclyde Park