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Mugdock Results

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Scottish Cyclocross are very disappointed that there has been a severe problem in getting results finalised for this year's Mugdock cyclocross and would like to apologise on behalf of Glasgow Mountain Bike Club for the unfortunate situation.

At the moment organising clubs are reliant on manual lap scoring, which is not ideal with the increase in numbers we've seen this year. We are still aiming to purchase a timing system, but estimates for building something suitable for cyclocross are in the order of several thousands of pounds. We are currently exploring ways to provide organisers with a back-up system that will allow them to produce accurate results, even if lap counting sheets get blown to the four winds on the day. We are also speaking to other race organisers in the UK and Worldwide to establish best practice in lap scoring.

Please be assured that no-one is making a quick buck at your expense. With the agreement of one of this year's race organisers, we're hoping to put together an article showing you exactly where your entry fee goes very soon.

As we move towards the 2010 season and beyond, we are aiming to build on the fantastic levels of growth we've seen this year by selecting only high quality events to be part of the series. We have two new race organisers wanting to host series events next year and will make sure that organisers can provide the level of service that you deserve for your efforts.

To help us raise funds - please check out the SCX shop. All profits from clothing are re-invested into SCX and, frankly, you'll look better for it.