Scottish Champs Entries

Scottish Cyclocross Championships 2010

Entries as of 19th November 2010

Under 12’s

Alexander Ball
Rhona Callander
Callum Reid
Helen Mitchell
Catherine Mitchell
Alison Mitchell
Ellie Park
Keir Robb

Under 14’s

Stuart Balfour
Charles Fletcher
Jack Carlin
Emma Borthwick

Under 16’s

Cameron Balfour
Tom Arnstein
Ross Wilcox
Stuart Wilcox
Louise Borthwick
Catherine Angus


Claire Thomas
Maddie Robinson
Brenda Callander
Aileen Scott


Gary McRae
Gordon Durnan
David Graham
Robert Mersey
Scott Russell
Matthew Ball
Franco Porco
John Reid
James Meek
Steve Nicholson
Andrew Agnew
Billy Mitchell
Graham Gauld
John McComisky


Neil Walker
Simon Kirkness
Alastair Little
Iain Nimmo
David Hamill
Andrew Wardman
Matthew Hamilton
Craig Hardie

So if your name isn't on the list you won't get a start so make sure you either see Neil Walker at one of the races or post off your entry form to him.
There is no support race and no entry on the day.