Southern Cross

News in from the organisers of this summer's Southern Cross CX Sportive...

Any good reason why Cyclo-Cross should stop when the sun comes out? Or why you shouldn’t ride for more than 50 minutes + a lap? Nope, we couldn't think of any either. So... ...Summer Enduro Cross is here.


Southern Cross CX/MTB Sportive is a new event with a tried and trusted format. Take a 60km largely off-road route in the glorious Scottish Borders, add CX bikes, add a pre-race campsite, ceilidh and beers, a pub for a start line, and what have you got? Hopefully, a good time for all! Brought to you by Durty Events, the folks behind Durty Triathlon, Craggy Island Triathlon, and the bonkers Celtman! race.

The route is a mix of ancient drove road, twin track, nice singletrack, and just a bit of tarmac. There's a few hills. Well, more than a few actually – four decent sized ones (including a bit of at least one of them that we think will be a carry for a short way – that should keep the CX purists happy!), plus a couple of smaller ones for good measure. Not much is flat. Hills, of course, also mean descents. These ones will be grin-inducing.

There are low level cut-offs back to base if you fancy bailing out. We're also planning cake.

Inspired by the Three Peaks (but not quite as hardcore), we hope Southern Cross might grow up to be Scotland's very own version one day.

Online entry open now at