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Results from Callander Cross

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Full Results from Callander Cross

First event of the 2012 TriCentre Scottish Cyclocross Series. Bright autumn sunshine and some good racing for all on a well received course.

Full results Race 1.
Full results Race 2.
Full Results Race 3
Full Results Race 4

If you have queries or corrections then please mail me the details to  and I'll take a look. If anyone knows who riders 3 and 67 were in Race 4 please let me know - I cannot see their  names on the signon sheets!

RACE 1 [Under 12s] 

U12 Boys

1 Jamie Johnstone        --Glasgow Riderz
2 Callum Reid        --Stirling Bike Club
3 Rory McGuire        --Perth United CC

U12 Girls

1 Anna Shackley        --Glasgow Riderz
2 Anna Flynn        --Edinburgh RC
3 Ishbel Strathdee        --Edinburgh RC

RACE 2 [Youth A/B - Under 16/14]

U16 Boys

1 Edward Fletcher        --Cairngorm CC
2 Conor Nally
3 Jamie Mason        --West Lothian Clarion CC

U16 Girls

1 Philippa Samphire        --Wallace Warriors
2 Keira Johnston        --Glasgow Riderz

U14 Boys

1 Stephen Dent        --Nevis Cycles Racing Team
2 Joseph Nally
3 Sean Flynn        --Edinburgh RC

U14 Girls

1 Ellie Park        --Glasgow Riderz
2 Jenny Holl        --Stirling Bike Club
3 Elanor Strathdee    --Edinburgh RC / MCRT

Race 3 [Vet Male, Women and Juniors]

Vet Male

1 Gary McCrae        --Leslie Bike Shop / Right Move Windows
2 Franco Porco        --Leslie Bike Shop / Right Move Windows
3 John McCaffery        --Leslie Bike Shop / Right Move Windows
4 Gordon Dickson        --Rockhard MBC
5 James Melville        --Glasgow United CC


1 Ruth Fraser-Moodie        --Pedal Power RT
2 Maddie Robinson        --Velo Club Moulin
3 Brenda Callander        --Stirling Bike Club

Junior Men

1 Iain Paton        --Ben Wyvis Bike Club
2 Calum Foster        --Leslie Bike Shop / Right Move Windows
3 Sean Gordon        --Glasgow Couriers

Race 4 [Senior Men]

1 Rab Wardell        --Alpine Bikes Racing
2 David Lines        --PedalPower Endura
3 Rob Friel
4 Colin May        --VeloClub EDinburgh
5 Paul McNally        --Rock & Road Cycles