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Under 12s Leagues

martysavalas35 Comments
The Under 12s races at Scottish Cyclocross Association events have grown in popularity tremendously and it's great to see so many young racers getting the chance to experience racing in a safe environment and having fun.

However, it would be fair to say that the increased numbers have caused some problems in recent seasons. We've made several changes to improve the situation:
  • The U12 races have been brought forward in the schedule to make sure they're not having to make their way through courses ploughed up by the other races. 
  • We've also helped to extend the use of electronic timing to the U12s races where possible. As SCX and our organising clubs are committed to providing free racing for U12s where possible, with the cost subsidised by the organisers or riders in other categories.

We've been asked on a number of occasions to provide leagues and series prizes for U12 riders. We have spoken to Scottish Cycling on this topic regularly and we are both in agreement that the U12 categories are intended as a fun introduction to racing and as a result we will not be compiling or publishing leagues for the Under 12s categories.  Scottish Cycling's rules include an U12s category in the Scottish Championships and medals will be awarded in Youth A & B categories.