Strathclyde Park - Revised Results

As you'll know, the timing providers used at Strathclyde Park - What's My Time - ran into a couple of issues on the day which resulted in problems with the published results.

* Senior Female, Junior Male, U14 Female and U14 Male - issues with mis-identified riders in these categories have now been resolved and league tables updated.  Revised results have been submitted to Scottish Cycling for British Cycling points.
You can find the revised results here.

* Veteran 40-49 Male - unfortunately, the timing providers have been unable to resolve the issue where the final lap was "lost" for riders who finished between 20 to 43 and 60 to 72. Final lap times for these riders are based on average lap times to give an estimate of the final position.

Apologies for the problems with this set of results and thanks to Bob McFarlane at Scottish Cycling and Chief Commissaire, Bill McKechnie for their help.