Scottish Cyclocross Association AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Scottish Cyclocross Association
held 15th March 2014 at The Birds and Bees, Stirling

D Graham
M Steele
A Turbitt
J Melville
G Watt
D Mason
D Bell
D Shearer
M Nally
B MacFarlane
J McComisky
J Cameron
P Hutton
R Armitage

S Turbitt
J Marquis
E Lindsay
M Young

Agenda items discussed and resolution

Committee Election
No change

Timing Subsidy
It was agreed to continue with this as the series was very successful last year. However the entry fee will increase to £14 for all adult categories, £7 for youths and £3 For under 12s. The levy the organiser pays to SCX to help towards timing is to be increased to £1.20 a rider and a decent prize fund.

This was agreed to be put out to tender
DG, this has been done and Mark Young has been awarded the contract.

Consistency of races
Timings set for every race to keep the days consistent.
Action DG,ST and BM

Under 12s discretion to not hold a race
This was declined as they bring an awful lot to the days events.
SC have restated that they want the regional development officers to get involved and help out and try and get the clubs with youth sections to help other clubs with this event.
Action BM/SC

Full racing licence requirement for Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships
Ongoing with SC to drop this requirement

Points to 50th place in busy categories
MS to liase with timing to agree points etc

One number for whole season
Liaising with timing to see if this is practicable/possible/desirable

Overall time award
Liaising with timing to see if this is practicable/possible

Pre entry
We are hoping to get as much as possible, limiting the number of day entries to maybe 5 or 10 for each category was suggested. This may seem brutal but if it is well advertised beforehand then everyone will know the score. It will also allow seeding for the start to be displayed at sign on as well.

Equal prizes
It was agreed that for the three main races, men's vet 40, women's and men's seniors races that equal prize money should be awarded for these classes.
One way to help fund this, suggested by a parent, was that no money should be awarded to the youth categories only product. This was agreed by all and the committee were going to look at a cheaper rate for SCX products for organisers to award as prizes. A suggested prize fund list could be agreed with the committee before each event as most entries will be online so taking some of the guess work out of it on the day.
Action TBC

Race day clock
It was suggested that a clock be displayed to show the time to go. This was vetoed as the number of laps to go should be displayed after the competitors have finished lap number two.
AT was going to look at how this could be achieved

Liason with SC
SC have set up a committee for all "black sock" sports to sit on, SCXA, SXCA and SDA.
It was agreed that AT would be our representative

It was agreed to look at how we can market the merchandise in a better fashion on race days and online.
Committee discussion

Jim Cameron was thanked for all his poster work, they really added to the series and he had posters for all the series winners.
John McAffrey was thanked for the donation of a set of numbers
Shand Cycles were thanked for the donation of a set of numbers
Lazer helmets and Ridley were thanked for their sponsorship of the series
Jammy was thanked for his ongoing work at every event
All the committee were thanked for their work throughout the year

Secretary's closing remarks
Everyone was thanked for travelling and attending
He stated that he would love to see more, smaller events being held on non series weekends and that the committee would endeavour to help anyone with one of these events.