Auchentoshan - newsflash!

We've heard from Glasgow United CC, organisers of tomorrow's race at Auchentoshan, with an update on availability of on-the-day entries:

"Field size has had to be limited to 400 because of safety and car parking at/around the course. Due to overwhelming entry online there will only be room for the following entries on the day.

U8s space for 8 moreU12s space for 11 moreYouth space for 10 moreLV50J space for 11 moreV40-49 space for 9 moreSeniors space for 7 more

This is due to the way the chips/numbers are arranged ie- we cannot allow 1or2 in extra if we have less uptake in an earlier race. These are final figures, first come first served. I have responded by email to some riders who contacted me before Wednesday night when early entry was closed. If you have contacted me since then, and not heard back it is because A: you were too late and B: I have had to leave the small space above for on the day entry."

Online entry for remaining rounds of the series is encouraged...

And remember that the closing date for the Scottish Championships is two weeks before the race.

Provisional timetable - listen out for announcements on the day
08:20 Walk around - commissaires/chief Marshall and Stevie Couper
08:45 Race marshal briefing
08:45 Sign on 8s/12s/ youths open
09:00 U12s course complete
09:00 First aid
09:15 Under 8s /12s course open
09:20 Under 8s Sign on closed
09:35 Under 12s Sign on closed
09.50 Under 8s start
10:00 Under 8s Finish
10.05 Under 12s start
10:00 Youths Sign on closed
10:00 Women, Vet 50, Juniors Sign on open
10:00 Main course built
10:15 Under 12s Finish
10:20 Main course open for practice
10.30 Youths
10:35 Under 8s / 12s presentation
11:00 Women, Vet 50, Juniors Sign on closed
11:00 Vet 40 Sign on open
11:00 Youths Finish
11:15 Main course open for practice
11.30 Thomson’s cycles Women, Vet 50, Juniors
11:35 Youths Presentation
12:00 Vet 40 Sign on closed
12:00 Seniors Sign on open
12:10 Women, Vet 50, Juniors finish
12:15 Main course open for practice
12.30 Thomson’s cycles Vet 40
12:35 Women, Vet 50, Juniors Presentation
13:00 Open Sign on closed
13:10 Vet 40 finish
13:15 Main course open for practice
13.30 Thomson’s cycles Senior Open
14:30 open race finishes
14:50 Vet 40 presentation
14:55 Open presentation.