Rab Wardell - Costa Cross Training Camp Opportunities 2015

Rab Wardell - Costa Cross Training Camp Opportunities 2015

A great chance for any of you crossers who want to catch some proper coaching before the season kicks in and experience the Spanish countryside with no boundaries. 

Cyclocross in Northern Europe is typically associated with the cold, dark muddy winter months, but the training camp and location are going to be somewhat removed from all the typical cross weather.

Cyclocross training camps in Spain are the perfect opportunity to experience a whole new perspective on this side of cycle sport, learning from Costa’s resident professional Cyclocross rider and Coach Rab Wardell.

Experience an alternative side of Spain, exploring the countryside whilst learning valuable skills applicable to all types of riders.

Whether you’re a “roadie” looking to improve your handling, a budding Cyclocross racer looking to improve your skills or simply a cyclist looking for a new experience on two wheels this camp will not fail to impress

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